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Food resolutions for the new year: Veg up, Switch to whole grains, Love protein at your meals, Get a delicious dose of fermented foods, and Eat on a small plate.
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food revolution

food resolutions to be healthy & happy 2015

Happy 2015! Are you making any food changes this year? Counting calories and fat grams is so yesterday. If you’ve resolved to eat better this year, here are five simple ideas to consider:

  1. Veg up: Get big time health benefits by making vegetables half your meal. Need inspiration? Check out the Half Your Plate campaign. (disclosure: I’m doing work for this campaign. It’s a partnership between the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Public Health Association, and the Canadian Produce Marketing Assocation.)
  2. Switch to whole grains: Give your heart some whole grain love. Whole grains will also help you cut that diabetes risk and boost your chances of living longer. Learn more about whole grains.
  3. Love protein at your meals: Eating 25 to 30 grams of protein at each meal will keep you satisfied and curb your cravings. Plus it will keep your muscles repaired and revving to burn more calories. While you’re at it, try and get two servings of fish every week. Ways to get your protein.
  4. Get a delicious dose of fermented foods: Whether it’s kefir, yogurt, kimchi or sauerkraut to name a few, get those friendly bacteria (probiotics) into your gut. It may lift your mood and boost your immune system. Who knew bugs could be beneficial?
  5. Eat on a small plate: This is one of the most powerful things I have done for the past couple of years to keep portions in check and enjoy my favourite foods. Trust me, you’ll still feel satisfied. Give it a try. Research shows that using a small plate means eating 22% fewer calories (without counting them!). While you’re at it, switch to small bowls and cups as well.


I’m working on staying true to these resolutions. Not every day will be perfect, but it doesn’t matter. I also believe in having small indulgences. We all want a little happiness in our life, right? What are your food resolutions for 2015?

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