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Simple ways to make asparagus.
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Round the Bend Asparagus

Seeing spears of asparagus growing in a field of rich soil has a way of grounding you. It reminds you where your food really comes from — not just the grocery store.

This past Wednesday, I went on a kindergarten field trip to Round the Bend Farm (just off Hwy 400 at Aurora Road). While most of the asparagus had been harvested, finding the few remaining stalks was like a treasure hunt. Lucky for me they were selling thick bundles in the quaint farm store.

I like to enjoy my asparagus in the most simple way. Tossed with canola oil. Lightly sprinkled with kosher salt. Roasted in a 400F oven for 15 minutes. Done.

A few fun facts about asparagus:

  • it’s a flowering perennial
  • white asparagus is grown by covering the shoots with soil, so no photosynthesis can occur

Whether roasted, added to an omelette, or grilled with shrimp, eat some of this spectacular spring vegetable while it lasts. How do you enjoy asparagus?

  • Zannat

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